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All APs, IBs, A-levels and other advanced credit received by us are now posted on your transcripts/in MyDegree.  Take a look to make sure all you are expecting is there. To view go to MyAccess https://myaccess.georgetown.edu/pls/bninbp/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin  To view advanced credit policies go to http://bsfs.georgetown.edu/academics/core/advanced/.  If your scores are not posted, please contact your dean.


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“Information to Take You Through the Rest of the Semester”

Abridged Notes from the SFS Freshman Class Meeting (October 2)


Scheduling a Meeting with Your Dean



Your SFS Academic Council Freshman Representatives

Devika Ranjan, dr674@georgetown.edu

Stephen Yin, zy63@georgetown.edu

SFS Academic Council, gusfsac@gmail.com


Campus Resources

Academic Resource Center, arc@georgetown.edu

Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

Career Education Center

ECON Tutoring, Head Tutor, Berin Senne, berin.senne@gmail.com


AP, IB, and other Credits

AP credit will be uploaded by Friday, October 4th.  IB and other 13th year credit will be uploaded by Friday, October 11th.  If not, please contact your dean.


Parents’ Weekend (October 18-20)


Mid-Semester Advisory Grades (October 18)


Withdrawal Deadline (November 5)

- W will appear on transcript

- after this deadline, you are committed to completing the course


Pre-Registration (November 4-16) for Spring Semester

Schedule of spring courses posted on web just before that


Normal load:

- if you are not taking an intensive language, 5 courses plus Map

- if you are taking an intensive language, 4 or 5 courses plus Map


Requests should include:

- Foreign Language (taken in sequence until proficiency is fulfilled)

- Econ (for most, ECON-001 Micro Principles or ECON-002 Macro Principles)

- PHIL-099 Political and Social Thought (if not taking it now)

- Core requirements

- INAF-008 Map


Go to BSFS website for core requirements, and MyAccess’s MyDegree function to see what has counted against satisfaction of requirements



Priority among Core requirements:

- 1st History (HIST-008) unless you have AP or other credit

- 1st Theology (THEO-001, THEO-011)

- 1st Humanities & Writing (HUMW-011) unless you have AP or other credit


Next level priority:

- GOVT-006 IR

- Regional History


Prospective IECO/IPEC majors: If you do not have Calc I credit yet, you want to take Calc I (MATH-035).


Order of the courses submitted in MyAccess matters for priority.  Selecting alternates is very important.


Incomplete (N grade)

- at the end of the semester, if for serious illness or grave family reasons you cannot complete the course, you can request to take an incomplete by submitting supporting documentation to your dean/counselor

- not for other reasons (such as not being ready or slept through the exam)

- if dean approves, you will have until March 15 to finish the remaining requirements

- you cannot take an incomplete by just getting the professor’s approval: you have to have the dean’s approval, without which you will get an unauthorized incomplete (failing grade subject to academic probation)


Final Exam Conflicts

- if you have two final exams scheduled at the same time, or three exams on one day or three examinations in a row, you can request one of them to be rescheduled to the last day of final exams (December 19)

- only applies to regularly scheduled final exams, and not take-home exams, paper due dates, and make-up exams

- form is available at the dean’s office, and request must be submitted by the last day of classes (December 6)


Good Academic Performance

Honor roll each semester (recorded on transcript):

3.5 = Dean’s List (cum laude)

3.7 = Second Honors (magna cum laude)

3.9 = First Honors (sigma cum laude)

Cumulative GPA will determine cum laude honor status upon graduation.


Note: 3.0 cumulative needed to be able to study abroad during junior year.


Poor Academic Performance

Academic Standards Committee looks for:

-       D+s, Ds, Fs (including U in Map course)

-       Failure to enroll in required classes

-       Failure to enroll in language classes if proficiency is not completed

-       Patterns of withdrawals

-       Unauthorized incompletes

-       Low GPAs (less than 2.5)

Committee has authority to impose sanctions: probation, final probation, suspension, and dismissal.


Policies and Procedures

For comprehensive policies, go to:




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