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Need to complete your fall schedule, check out the following courses:
FREN-268 Black Playwrights: French Theater Workshop

CourseID CRN Title
CULP-282 25814 Among the Believers
CULP-291 25561 Engaging Cultrl Plrality:India
INAF-104 11693 Beginners Swahili I
INAF-203 14516 Intermediate Swahili
INAF-227 25260 Modern Jewish Thought
INAF-237 25261 Trbld Rvlry:Hist Jewsh/Cth Rel
INAF-265 25263 Bef&Aft Holocaust:Jews:E Eur
INAF-290 25617 Jewish American Literature
INAF-301 11699 International Affairs Tutorial
INAF-392 23483 Econ Analysis of Sub-Sn Africa
INAF-421 25275 Iran&Roots of Green Movement
INAF-423 11723 Pol of Intrl Religious Freedom
INAF-435 25277 Problems in Multilatrl Diploma
INAF-444 23490 Statecraft and Negotiation
23491 Statecraft and Negotiation
JCIV-199 25699 Intro to Jewish Civ
JCIV-237 25690 Trbld Rvlry:Hist Jewsh/Cth Rel
JCIV-265 25698 Bef&Aft Holocaust:Jews:E Eur
JCIV-349 25694 Jewish American Literature
JCIV-444 25702 Statecraft and Negotiation
IPOL-320 18791 Quantitative Meth:Intrnl Pol
18791 Quantitative Meth:Intrnl Pol
IPOL-334 24168 Just War Theory in the 21st C.

JUPS 400 Sustaining Activism

JUPS 409 Environmental Peacebuilding

THEO-283 Faith, Social Justice, and Public Life